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Costa Vida
Costa Vida

Our menu

  • We source the highest-quality ingredients
  • We make our recipes from scratch every day
  • We craft food that makes you feel nourished, not weighed down

How to Costa:

  1. Choose your entree

    Regular or light portions, we've got what you need
  2. Choose your protein

    We have a wave of options
  3. Add beans, rice, & sauce

    There's something for every taste bud
  4. Make it yours

    Customize your ingredients & toppings
  5. Make it a meal

    Sides, drinks, and desserts make great companions

Sweet Pork

Our slow-crafted sweet pork takes 24 hours to prepare to make it perfectly sweet and impossibly tender. That’s why it’s so good, it goes with everything…and everyone.


  • Burritos

    Famously filling, fresh, & flavorful
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  • Enchiladas (1 OR 2)

    A symphony of savory flavors
    See more
  • Quesadillas

    Grilled, cheesy, and portable
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  • Tacos (1 or 2)

    The perfect vehicle for our tender, delicious proteins
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  • Nachos

    Artfully layered to be a meal in every bite
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  • Salads

    Fresh greens loaded with every taste we offer
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  • Baja Bowl

    A lighter way to burrito
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  • Kids Meal

    Healthy, wholesome portions for little mouths
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Protein Options and Toppers

    • Open Sweet Pork Details Modal

      Sweet Pork

    • Open Shredded Barbacoa Beef Details Modal

      Shredded Barbacoa Beef

    • Open Grilled Steak Details Modal

      Grilled Steak

    • Open Grilled Chicken Details Modal

      Grilled Chicken

    • Open Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Details Modal

      Raspberry Chipotle Chicken

    • Open Black Beans Details Modal

      Black Beans

    • Open Pinto Beans Details Modal

      Pinto Beans

    • Open Refried Beans Details Modal

      Refried Beans

    • Open Raspberry Chipotle Details Modal

      Raspberry Chipotle

    • Open Baja Red Enchilada Details Modal

      Baja Red Enchilada

    • Open Roasted Green Chile Details Modal

      Roasted Green Chile

    • Open Tomatillo Cilantro Details Modal

      Tomatillo Cilantro


  • Chips

    Our lightly fried corn tortilla chips are finished with salt & fresh-squeezed lime.
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  • Queso (with chips)

    Our famous creamy, savory queso coats each chip with just the right amount of zing!
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  • Salsa (with chips)

    Choose one of five house-made salsas, from the mild Salsa Fresca to the fiery Salsa Roja.
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  • Guac (with chips)

    Chunky, flavorful, and made in-house from the very best Mexican avocados.
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  • Chicken Tortilla Soup

    A delicious house-made and hearty combo of creamy chicken soup finished with cool and crunchy toppings.
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  • Tres Leches

    Fresh-made bread cake soaked in our three-milk syrup for a creamy, smooth, and sweet treat.
  • Key Lime Pie

    Made with freshly squeezed lime juice, house-made custard, and graham cracker crust, served with whole-milk whipped cream and a lime wedge.
  • Cinnamon Tortilla

    A fresh tortilla lightly grilled with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar — a favorite for kids, young and old!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Our timeless recipe features simple ingredients and, most importantly, chunky chocolate chips.

Specialty Drinks

  • Horchata

    A traditional Mexican rice milk with a creamy-sweet taste and hints of cinnamon.
  • Limonada

    Mexico's version of lemonade, made with limes — sweet, tart, and fresh-squeezed daily from sun-kissed citrus..
  • Strawberry Limonada

    A twist on our classic Limonada, infused with fresh strawberries for a sweet, refreshing beverage.
  • All drinks

    We also proudly serve Coke® products, bottled Jarritos, and bottled water.

Costa Vida

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