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Costa Vida
Costa Vida

We are
With Hospitality &              
Better Serving You

We focus on the details so you can focus on what matters. Our space is designed to be welcoming and familiar, creating an atmosphere for connecting over our delicious, house-made food.

Does your organization need sponsorship?

Let us know! Costa Vida loves supporting communities with our fresh Mexican food.


Community is everything at Costa Vida. Each store is operated locally by people in your community, which is how we stay so connected to the people and causes close to your heart. We celebrate their successes and support them in their challenges by holding frequent benefit nights for local groups and organizations.

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Our guiding
Beliefs & Values

At Costa Vida, it starts with the food but ends with the lives we enrich along the way. We’ve always been family-oriented and strive to create an environment that reflects that belief.
  1. Humility
    Need for others
  2. Trust
    Belief in others
  3. Stewardship
    Responsibility to others
  4. Team
    Relationship with others
  5. Action
    Serve others
  6. Excellence
    Commitment to others

Join us,

with us

& make waves

We’re looking for people who love to smile and make friends with everyone they meet — people who want to help improve the lives of those around them — that’s what we mean by “making waves.”