Fabulously Fresh


Sacred Sourcing

We live by a simple truth: Food is only as good as the ingredients you purchase. We’re uncompromising in our procurement of nature’s best produce & proteins. That’s why we “single source,” which means we have just one supplier for most of our ingredients. This allows us to choose the best of everything. We buy only from top quality, sustainable, humane, and often family-run farms. And we set our own specs for each ingredient. (For example, the percentage of pulp to liquid in our delicious tomatoes. So, our pico is perfect!) In other words, we “hand pick” everything that goes into the meals we make every day for our family and friends, which includes you.

Honest Food

Fresh-harvested tastes better (and is better for us). So that’s how our food begins each morning. Fresh-picked & proud. Clean & lean. Raw & natural. Made with integrity, from scratch, every day, in house. It’s thoughtful, beautiful, colorful food with phenomenal flavor, fragrance & texture.

Delicious & nutritious, whole & wholesome, real food.