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Posted 4/24/2015

Why We Love SUP

Why We Love SUP

Stand up paddle boarding is an increasingly popular water sport that stared in Hawaii. Pro surfers used this activity to stay in shape during low wave seasons. Now, if you search SUP on Pinterest, you’ll see the sport is enjoyed by beach vacationers, groups of friends, even yoga enthusiasts holding headstands! If a headstand on water sounds like a wet tumble waiting to happen, you’ll be happy to know that SUP can be tailored to any fitness level.  It is truly an activity that’s fun for everyone!

Beginners' Sport

Unlike surfing, there’s no need to take a class before you SUP. Classes and certification courses are available, but a few tips from your equipment rental store or online guides is enough to get you started!

No ocean? No Problem!

SUP can be done in any calm body of water. It’s done on oceans, rivers, lakes, even large pools! Any calm body of water will do.

Cross Training

SUP works all your major muscle groups while providing a low-impact, cardio workout.  Paddling while standing challenges your core and legs to help you maintain balance. The paddling action works your back and arms. You can increase intensity by paddling against a current, or keep your activity relaxing by using a current to help you.

Friendly Fitness

The best part about SUP is it’s a fun, active group activity. You can tailor the intensity based on the age and fitness levels of your group. SUP can be a leisurely, scenic paddle or a challenging race-whatever your friends and family are in the mood to do!

Learn more about SUP here and search "paddle board rental" to find an outlet near you!

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