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Posted 4/1/2015

Which Fitness Tracker is Right for You?

Which Fitness Tracker is Right for You?

At Costa Vida, we know healthy eating and fitness go hand in hand. But sometimes our days get busy and squeezing in a workout seems nearly impossible! We love looking for new tricks to help us be a little more active during the day and we've been so motivated to get moving with our favorite fit trick of the moment - fitness trackers!

Wearable fitness technology is one of the biggest health crazes happening right now. Fitness trackers were one of the most wished-for gadgets last Christmas and new devices are being introduced seemingly every day. These trackers range from slim waterproof models for triathletes to Swarovski crystal covered models for fashionable everyday use. With an overwhelming number of options, how do you find the fitness tracker that will help you accomplish your health goals? We've created the 5 P's to choosing your tracker to help you find the best tracker for YOU!

Prepare to Invest

The majority of fitness trackers come with a $150 ticket or more. For that size of an investment, we recommend doing your research before heading to the store to reduce your chance of buyer’s remorse!

Purchase a Fitness Tracking App

Apps that log your exercise and food intake have been around for years, but if you have never used one, we recommend taking an app for a test drive. While manually logging can seem tedious, using an app like MyFitnessPal for one week will give you a better idea if a tracker fits into your healthy lifestyle. 

Prioritize your Needs

We’ve seen trackers for runners, swimmers, troubled sleepers, general fitness enthusiasts, and more. It’s a good idea to prioritize which features you want most in your tracker before purchasing.

Poll Your Friends

The best product reviews come from your people you share common interests with and trust. Chances are you have a few friends with fitness trackers, so ask them what their favorite features are to determine which device you’ll love most.

Practice Balance

Before you buy, remember that a healthy lifestyle is about balance. Trackers help you monitor your caloric intake, exercise benefits, etc., so you may feel discouraged on days you’re not able to meet your goals. Remember the tracker is supposed to help you improve your health each day, not act as the Donut Police.

Remember our 5 P’s to purchasing a tracker before you read these reviews or take a trip to the store:

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