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Posted 9/28/2015

Up Your Snack Game with Tortillas

Up Your Snack Game with Tortillas

It’s no secret that we love our tortillas at Costa Vida! Every morning we make tortilla dough from scratch and cook them to light, bubbly perfection on our traditional comal. Costa Vida tortillas are never bagged or frozen and do not contain unhealthy lard. Last year, we hand made over 10,000,000 tortillas for our Costavidans!

Tortillas can be found all throughout our menu. They pair perfectly with our smoky smothering sauce that tops our sweet pork burritos as well as with cinnamon and sugar in our sweet cinnamon tortillas. At home, we love creating healthy snacks and indulgent treats with fresh tortillas. As many Costavidans head back to school, we’re sharing why tortillas should be on your after school snack list!

Reason #1 - Whole-wheat, vegan, gluten-friendly, and more!

Tortillas come in many varieties to suit all dietary restrictions and food allergies. Some store-bought tortillas have spinach and herbs mixed into the dough for added flavor, vitamins, and minerals.

Reason #2 - Fun and festive food

Tortillas can be rolled up, folded, or cut into fun shapes for your little ones or themed parties. We love these Frozen-inspired Olaf and mini basketball quesadillas.

Reason #3 - Sweet or savory

Spread nutella on a tortilla to make a banana nutella rollup. Fill a tortilla with lettuce, turkey, and sprouts for a healthy wrap. Tortillas are a delicious canvas for both sweet and savory recipes.

Reason #4 – Healthy Chips & Dip

It’s no secret our favorite complement to fresh, homemade salsa is a lightly salted tortilla chip. Baking your own tortilla chips at home is fun because you can experiment with sweet and savory seasonings. Enjoy these baked tortilla chips in creamy queso and guacamole or snack on these chocolate strawberry dessert nachos.

Reason #5 – Budget friendly

The cost of making a different after school snack every day can add up quickly! Because tortillas are so versatile, making them a kitchen staple can help trim your grocery budget.

Comment with your favorite way to enjoy fresh tortillas and find more reasons to snack on tortillas here.

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