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Posted 12/20/2017

Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Socks for Dad, lotion for Mom, a DVD for your brother… is your holiday shopping list looking a little like last year’s? While we’re sure every gift is appreciated, why not mix it up this holiday and try some out-of-the-box gifting? There’s something for everyone on our list of ideas:

Personalized mugs
Put a smile on their face every time they reach for a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate for the little ones). Family pics are popular, but how about emblazoning their cup with inside jokes, favorite movie lines, nicknames, dad humor, or a sentence that triggers a happy memory? A kid’s drawing—or one from your elementary school days—is perfect for a parent or grandparent. 

Just-For-Them Calendars
A gift that not only reminds them of their favorite gift-giver, but helps them remember when their dentist appointment is? A custom calendar ticks both of those boxes! Photo centers and drugstores can whip up custom calendars with a years’ worth of your chosen pictures—think grandkids, great vacations, or silly selfies. Anything that will put a smile on your recipient’s face is fair game. Don’t forget to make it easy for them to remember special dates by writing in birthdays and anniversaries.

Memberships They'll Love 
They’re the gifts that give all year! Local museums, galleries, amusement parks—even wholesale clubs for the practical—ensure friends and family have something fun to do, even if it is shopping for a 5-pound tub of mayonnaise. Families will love science museums, the zoo, or anyplace with rides. For friends, how about an art museum, concert series tickets, or a Netflix or Hulu subscription?

Help With Their Goals
New Years’ resolutions may start after Christmas, but a lot of people are thinking about them now. Casually query your friend or family members about their goals, and choose a gift that will help them reach it!

  • Fitness: a pedometer/fitness tracker or on-the-go water bottle
  • Healthy eating: a healthy-eating cookbook for nights in and a Costa Vida gift card for nights out
  • Reading: the first book in a list of 100 books you must read—plus the list to keep track
  • A new skill: a necessary tool or gadget and a gift certificate for a month’s worth of local classes

Naughty or nice—what are the out-of-box gifts you’re giving them this year?

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