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Posted 12/21/2015

Top 5 Costa Vida Comfort Foods

Top 5 Costa Vida Comfort Foods

During the winter months, Costavidans crave warm, comforting food to escape the cold temperatures. The stress of the holidays and dark winter days can affect your mood, and the warmth of comfort food is sometimes just the thing lift your spirits. If you’re experiencing the winter blues, reach for one of our fan-favorite comfort foods to cheer up!

Chips & Queso

The warm, melty cheese in our homemade queso makes this appetizer a natural comfort food. We recommend sharing chips and queso with a friend because a friendly visit and laughter are also proven to boost your mood.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken soup really is good for the soul. This classic comfort food is warm and may remind you of the chicken soup your mom made for you when you were a kid. The natural immune-boosting properties in the chicken, garlic, and onion are also something to smile about.

Absolutely Anything Smothered

Enchiladas and burritos smothered in a warm, homemade sauce will warm you from the inside out. Think of yourself as figuratively wrapped in a tortilla and smothered with love.


Quesadillas are another cheesy comfort food on our list. One bite into the crisp, grilled tortilla stuffed with melted cheese will leave you smiling. Fill yours with fajita veggies to add antioxidants and Vitamin C to this comfort food.  

Tres Leches

Cake brings many happy childhood memories of birthdays and celebrations. Our homemade tres leches cake is a sweet, indulgent comfort food complete with antioxidant-rich strawberries. This is another treat that can be shared with a friend for more mood boosting benefits.

Comment to tell us your favorite comfort food!

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