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Posted 10/3/2016

Tips to Tailgate Like a Pro

Tips to Tailgate Like a Pro

It’s officially fall! The time of year for colorful leaves, pumpkin EVERYTHING, and college football is here and we couldn’t be more excited. For die-hard fans, football season means tailgating with friends and lots of food. At Costa Vida, our tailgating food of choice has to be nachos with lots of queso and guacamole!

Is there any better way to bask in school spirit than wearing your team’s colors and feasting before a football game? While tailgating is a lot of fun, it takes planning and preparation. Seasoned tailgaters practically build a second kitchen in their trailers! We think more time should be spent enjoying the atmosphere than cooking, so we’re sharing tailgating tips from the pros. Go team go!

Pack and Go
Do as much cooking as you can before you get to the tailgating lot. Prepare side dishes, marinate and skewer meats, and whip up condiments. Try to leave only the grilling for the tailgating lot.

Bring a Six-Pack
Save your cardboard six-pack containers to serve as condiment carriers and utensil organizers. Keep these affordable organizers for the entire football season. Kick your team spirit up a notch by painting the six-packs your school colors.

Use your Tools
Organize cooking and grilling utensils in a toolbox. Most toolboxes have built-in shelves that allow you, the grill master, to store your cooking tools by category.  Keep the toolbox in your car all season so your tailgating essentials are never far away.

Call a Caterer
Save yourself valuable time by ordering part of your meal from your favorite restaurant. At Costa Vida, we love preparing taco bars and nacho bars for college football fans.

Set Up Camp
String helium balloons from your car to signal your tailgating guests to your parking spot. Use long strings so your balloons float high above the other vehicles and make sure to choose your team colors.

Ditch the Dishes
There’s no time or room for washing dishes in your tailgating spot. Bring a large plastic bin to transport dirty dishes from the stadium to your home. Dirty dishes can wait until after the game!

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