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Posted 2/1/2018

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Checklist

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Checklist

The biggest game day of the year is coming—and that means a Super Bowl party is in order! It’s easy to root for your team and host a fantastic get-together for friends and family. Whether your RSVPs are already in order or your gathering is last-minute, use our handy checklist for a party that will be a winner (even if your team isn’t)!

Prep your space
A TV and comfy seating are obviously pretty important on Super Bowl Sunday. Bring in some extra chairs and toss around comfy pillows for guests that can’t cram on the couches. It’s also a good idea to make sure your sound system is ready to go and your remotes are handy.

Pick up supplies
Football-themed disposable plates, bowls, cups, and napkins make for easy cleanup, so get plenty. A bag of ice is a nice addition for guests who’ll be enjoying drinks from cups, so grab a bag while you’re gathering supplies.

Get in the (team) spirit
Hit up the party store for streamers and bunches of balloons in your team’s colors. A few foam fingers will be fun for guests to wave, and some face painting supplies will let them really get into it!

Load up on drinks
Beer and football? It’s a no-brainer! Stock up early so guests have plenty of can and bottle options—and make sure you have a few bottle-openers on-hand. Have plenty of water and some soda options too for young sports fans on your guest list or those who want a beer break.

Score with great food
Start the night with a selection of snack foods, placed within easy reach of the action. As guests work up an appetite cheering, booing, and waving those foam fingers, a few heartier options would be a welcome addition. Choose easy to prep and make-ahead foods so you’re enjoying the game, not spending the night in the kitchen:

  • Dips can be made the day before—or pick up guac and queso from Costa Vida! When the guests arrive all you need to do is surround with chips and vegetables and you’re done.
  • Wings can be purchased and reheated when you’re ready. Worried about the mess factor? Go boneless and have a cup of plastic cocktail forks nearby.
  • Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw are a breeze with the help of your slow cooker. Pile up some buns and let guests assemble when hungry.
  • Loaded hot dogs are perfect game-night fare: easy for you to make and fun for friends to customize.
  • Cupcakes and cookies are crowd pleasers that don’t require much more than a napkin (and can be picked up from the store if you’re not in the mood to bake). Bowls of M&Ms in your team’s colors make for sweet snacking too. 

So, who will you be rooting for?



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