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Posted 6/13/2016

The Best Foods for Your Skin

The Best Foods for Your Skin

Summer is here! With warmer temperatures, Costavidans spend as much time in the sun as possible (especially those lucky enough to be at the beach!). If you love summer, your wardrobe definitely requires shorts, tanks, swimsuits, and flip-flops. But without layers to shield you from the sun, your skin is constantly threatened by dryness, sweat, and painful sunburns.

At Costa Vida, we advocate fueling your body with healthy, natural foods so you can continue doing the things you love. When it comes to skincare, nature is on your side with delicious foods to protect your skin. In addition to sunscreen and proper hydration, these sun-fighting superfoods will keep your skin moisturized and resilient all summer!

Oranges, Strawberries, and Kiwis
When your skin cells are damaged by sun exposure, your body produces cancer-causing free radicals. Fruits packed with Vitamin C naturally block this cancer cell development. Pack these fruits in your beach bag for healthy snacking or stay hydrated by using these fruits to flavor your water.

Believe it or not, tomatoes contain an antioxidant that improves skin’s natural SPF! Lycopene, which increases in concentration when tomatoes are cooked and processed, has shown to naturally decrease your risk of sunburn. Did someone say chips and salsa?

Bell Peppers
Squinting in the sun is not only damaging to your eyes, it can also lead to wrinkling of the skin around your eyes known as “crow’s feet”. Carotenoids, antioxidants found in yellow and orange veggies, have been linked to wrinkle prevention, especially in this area. Enjoy bell peppers in a plate of colorful fajitas or dip sliced bell peppers into guacamole.

Olive Oil
This source of heart-healthy fat is rich in free radical fighting polyphenols. Olive oil has been linked to reducing signs of aging better than many other nut-based oils. If you’re grilling this summer, add a few tablespoons of olive oil to your marinades. We love the flavor it adds to our steak marinade and chicken marinade recipes!

Another excuse to eat guacamole! Avocados are so good for your skin on top of being insanely delicious. Mashed avocado can be used to treat a sunburn or moisturize dry skin. This superfood is rich in antioxidants that can help reverse sun damage.

Find more summer SPF increasing foods here:

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