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Posted 1/30/2017

Sweet Pork is the Ultimate MVP

Sweet Pork is the Ultimate MVP

When you order at Costa Vida, your meal is created in seconds right in front of you. Our dedication to freshness allows you to customize your meal exactly how you like it. Although our guests’ meals are made quickly, the ingredients that make their meals are not. We spend over 70 hours each week preparing the fresh ingredients that combine to make our award-winning burritos, salads, tacos, and more. Why do we do it? Because at Costa Vida we believe we are only as good as the sum of each part.

We put time, care, and love into crafting the “building blocks” of our menu. One of our favorite ingredients to make is our signature sweet pork, served most frequently in our award-winning sweet pork burrito. With the perfect balance of a freshly grilled tortilla, homemade rice and beans, braised sweet pork, and cheesy smother, its no wonder our sweet pork burrito is a guest favorite.

Sweet pork is the original Costa Vida MVP. Today we’re sharing a few “stats” to show you the time, care, and love that go into creating a champion of sweet and savory flavors.

Sustainably Raised
We only partner with farmers who are deeply committed to promoting the health and well-being of their livestock. Their sustainable agricultural practices also preserve the health of the environment and support fair working conditions in their communities.

Braised for Four Hours
Each batch of pork is browned and braised for four hours. It’s a slow process, but we wouldn’t do it any other way. The braising process creates a rich, flavorful broth to which we add a few ingredients like Serrano peppers and a proprietary blend of sweet pork spices.

Shredded by Hand
Our braising process ends when the meat is tender and falls apart to the touch. We remove the hot pork from the heat and shred it by hand. This attention to detail ensures a proper amount of pork in each bite.

Massaged by Hand
Yes, you read that right. We massage every. single. batch. After the pork is shredded, we reunite the pork with the rich braising broth. How do you make sure the broth evenly flavors every piece of shredded pork? That’s where the massage comes in.

From this point on, the choice is yours. Our slow-cooked, shredded, and massaged sweet pork sits waiting patiently for you to order your favorite meal. What is your favorite sweet pork entrée?

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