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Posted 7/11/2016

Smother is Now Included!

Smother is Now Included!

We’ve all been there. You’re in line at Costa Vida watching a team member pull a freshly grilled tortilla off the spinning comal. You ordered the burrito you’ve been craving all day and you’ve come hungry. Beans, rice, cheese, and meat are perfectly rolled in a shiny metal tin before you hear the question, “Would you like your burrito smothered?” Now the internal conflict begins.

Do I want to envelop my burrito in cheese and flavorful smothering sauce? Absolutely, no question. I never say no to more cheese.

Do I want to pay an extra dollar? Maybe? When was my last payday?

Costavidans rejoice! Your internal to-smother-or-not-to-smother conflict is over. You can now be fiscally responsible and have it all. Smothering will soon be included on all Costa Vida burritos – absolutely free!

Starting July 13, every freshly made Costa Vida burrito will be smothered free of charge. Choose between our homemade red enchilada, roasted green chile, or tomatillo cilantro smothering sauce. Our team will smother your burrito with the sauce of your choice, top it with cheese, and grill it to bubbling, saucy perfection.

Of course, if smothering is not to your taste you can still enjoy an unsmothered burrito. Costa Vida burritos are custom made to order so our team can make them exactly how you like them. If you do love smothered burritos, share the news and come celebrate with us starting July 13!

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