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Posted 6/8/2015

Get 5k Ready this Summer!

Get 5k Ready this Summer!

Costavidans look for any excuse to spend more time outside during the summer. From sunny hikes and picnics in the park to dipping your toes in the ocean, you can never run out of fun and new things to do! With less than 20 days until the official start of our favorite season, have you started making your summer wish list? 

One activity that is always on our summer list is a 5k. Summer is 5k season; it seems as if there’s a different themed run every weekend! Mud runs, obstacle courses, color runs, costume runs – you’re sure to find a fun theme to run with (get it?) Not a runner? If you start training now, you can be ready for your first 5k by the end of summer!

Pace Yourself

If you’re new to running, it’s important to train at your own pace to avoid injury. Start out walking or jogging for short distances. You will still gradually increase your endurance while getting your heart rate up, reducing stress, and enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

A for Effort

Your first 5k should be about finishing. That’s a healthy accomplishment! Don’t pressure yourself to make a certain time, just set a goal to cross the finish line and save a speed goal for your next 5k.

Run for Something

We love that so many 5k runs support charities, such as Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Wounded Warrior, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Many runners find strength in completing the 3.2 miles in support of a loved one or a cause they feel strongly about. You can also find motivation in a person goal, like heart health, physical activity, or running your longest distance yet!

Visualize Positivity

A major component of running is mental endurance. Find a quote that motivates you and make it your mantra to keep pushing forward. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line and how empowered you will feel when you do!

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