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Posted 4/6/2016

Plant a Salsa Garden

Plant a Salsa Garden

Is there anything better than fresh salsa? At Costa Vida, we slice and chop fresh produce every day to make our signature salsas and pico de gallo. Because we do not use additives in our salsas, you can taste the pure, natural flavors of the tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, and cilantro. We use only high-quality produce and you can taste the difference.

Spring is here and many Costavidans are heading outside to plant gardens. Whether you’re a gardening pro or a first-time planter, try planting a salsa garden this year. With a little planning, water, and sun, your summer will be full of fresh, homemade salsa. Read our tips to getting your salsa garden started.

1. Browse Recipes

The Internet is full of delicious salsa recipes. (We’ve shared one of our favorites here!) Fruity, spicy, sweet, or savory, find your favorite salsa recipes and plant as many of the ingredients as you can.

2. Know your Climate

If you live in a dry, cool climate, your salsa garden won’t be suitable for growing certain ingredients, such as avocados and limes. Plant as many of your favorite ingredients as you can. If you can only grow cilantro, it will still make a flavorful difference in your salsa. A quick trip to the grocery store will make up for the rest!

3. Favorite Flavors

While gardening is very rewarding, it can take a lot of work. To make the most of your efforts in your garden, only plant the vegetables you want to eat. If you love spicy salsa, plant serrano and jalapeño peppers. If you prefer mild salsa, skip those peppers and plant milder bell peppers instead.

4. Maximize Your Space

Salsa gardens are wonderfully versatile. They can grow in sprawling raised bed gardens or compact window planters. We love this simple HGTV one-pot salsa garden. It’s easy to plant and maintain! 

5. Water and Sun

Find a sunny spot and commit to regular watering and weeding. Trust us, it will be so worth it when you’re dipping chips into your homegrown salsa this summer!

Check out more gardening tips here.

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