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Posted 2/21/2017

Our Secrets for Perfect Nachos

Our Secrets for Perfect Nachos

There aren’t many things we keep secret at Costa Vida. Our recipe for award-winning food is simple and we talk about it nearly every chance we get. We use whole, quality foods to make everything on our menu and our guests can taste the difference. We invest thought and care into every ingredient we serve, from the Hatch Green Chiles featured in our roasted green chile smothering sauce to our crunchy tortilla chips. 

This Friday, February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day. Why bother dedicating an entire day to a chip? Well friends, think of what this glorious chip has given us. While the right tortilla chip is satisfying on its own, it becomes a snacking miracle when dipped in fresh salsa. A tortilla chip is the perfect vehicle for guacamole, seven-layer bean dip, queso, pico de gallo, and more. We’re quite attached to our tortilla chips. In fact, you can only find our chips at Costa Vida. Tortilla chips are featured in many of our menu items, but our favorite way to enjoy them is by stacking them high to create savory nachos.

Are you craving nachos right now? Before you start ordering nachos to go, let us share our secrets for the perfect nachos. We’ve crafted thousands of nacho orders for guests over the years and believe the secret to perfection comes down to two things: the chips and the layers.

Nachos are made of many different ingredients. Beans, cheese, pico de gallo, queso, guacamole, and meat add quite a few flavors to one meal. The tortilla chip is the ingredient that ties all the flavors and textures together. Many traditional nacho toppings are salty, so make sure to choose a chip that is only lightly salted. Your chips should be crunchy as well. Most nacho toppings have saucier textures that demand something crispy to create balance in the dish. Soggy is never a word we want associated with nachos!

Now that you have the right chips, it’s time to layer. Properly layering chips and toppings ensures every bite is filled with flavor. Have you ever started eating nachos only to find dry chips at the bottom of the plate? That disappointment is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. To see our layering technique first-hand, watch Chef Geoff’s live demonstration on Fox 13’s The Place

Whether it’s at Costa Vida or at home, we hope these tips help you enjoy National Tortilla Chip Day on Friday!

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