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Posted 9/12/2016

Keep Your Produce Fresh Longer

Keep Your Produce Fresh Longer

One of the keys to living a healthy, active lifestyle is incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. At Costa Vida, we source produce harvested at the peak of freshness and use it to make colorful salads, flavorful salsas, and savory smothering sauces. We cultivate relationships with our growers to ensure our guests get the highest quality produce at every visit.

At home, it can be a struggle to go through all your produce before it spoils. Sometimes your veggies get buried under other items in your fridge. Sometimes the fridge temperature fluctuates and ruins your fruit. Sometimes life gets so busy, you don’t have time to use all your groceries before they go bad. Throwing away spoiled produce can be a frustrating waste of food and money. To help you make the most of your grocery budget, we’re sharing the dos and don’ts of home produce storage.

DON’T Store Fruits and Vegetables Together

Fruits and vegetables ripen at different speeds. As fruits ripen they release high levels of natural hormones, which cause vegetables to ripen faster and spoil.

DO Store Herbs in a Small Glass

To keep herbs fresh, treat them like a flower bouquet. Snip the tips of the herb stems and place the herbs stem side down in a small glass or shot glass filled with a few inches of water. Store the glass in the fridge.

DON’T Store Avocados in the Refrigerator

Avocados are best stored at room temperature in a sealed paper bag. Bananas should also be stored at room temperature.

DO Store Leafy Greens with Paper Towels

This method keeps your greens crisp and fresh for up to 10 days! Cover the bottom of a clamshell or plastic container completely with paper towels. Top with the greens, and be sure to avoid smashing them as you place them in the container.

DO Give Your Produce Plenty of Space

Avoid packing your fruits and veggies close together in your refrigerator. This can speed up ripening times. Make sure there is plenty of space for airflow between your produce so everything stays fresh.

Find more produce storage tips here:

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