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Posted 5/8/2017

It Takes 10 Hours to Make a Burrito?

It Takes 10 Hours to Make a Burrito?

When you visit Costa Vida, your food is quickly prepared right in front of you. We custom-make each order for each guest so everything is fresh. Even though Costa Vida meals are made in a hurry, the ingredients that come together to make our food are not. Nothing is rushed in the Costa Vida kitchens because we know good food takes time. Everything is made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on. We give those ingredients all the time they need to develop rich flavors that blend perfectly.

Our award-winning sweet pork burrito is by far our most popular menu item. Some guests say it’s because the sweet pork is addicting, but we know there’s so much more to it. Every single ingredient that goes into this burrito is slow-cooked to give each ingredient time to develop perfectly balanced flavor and texture. It takes around 10 hours to make everything that goes into your sweet pork burrito. Today we’re going through the timeline of this guest favorite.

Hour 1: It all starts with the tortilla, the foundation of deliciousness. We make our dough from scratch every single morning. The tortilla dough is then divided into equal portions and rests until you place your order. When a guest orders, each tortilla is pressed and slowly grilled on the comal. 

Hours 2-5: Our beans don’t come from a can. The black and pinto beans are slowly simmered for three hours, until perfectly tender. Our rice is cooked for one hour before it’s combined with flavor-enhancing seasoning.

Hours 6- 9: Each batch of sweet pork is braised in a rich, spiced broth for four hours. The pork is massaged by hand to ensure every inch of meat gets the maximum amount of flavor. It’s then shredded by hand to create perfectly bite-sized pieces.

Hour 10: It takes one hour to caramelize the hatch green chiles that become the savory smother on your burrito. The subtle sweetness of the sweet pork pairs perfectly with the earthy roasted green chile smothering sauce.

We take the time to develop homemade flavors so you don’t have to. Even though the burrito takes 10 hours to make, you can have it in your hands in less than two minutes! If you’re craving more, watch Chef Geoff talk about our process of slow cooking with the KUTV Fresh Living team.

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