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Posted 12/28/2015

How to Stick with Your Resolutions

How to Stick with Your Resolutions

The New Year is just days away which has caused us to reflect on how incredible 2015 was for Costa Vida. We opened several new stores, reached 50,000 Facebook fans, and launched our first mobile app – and we couldn’t have done it without our loyal Costavidans!

While we remember the many great events of 2015, we look forward to making 2016 our best year yet. Many of us create New Year's resolutions to help us stick to our goals of self-improvement. Whether you’re planning a minor or major change next year, we’re sharing our tips to help you keep to your 2016 resolutions and stay unstoppable next year!

Share Them

It may not be enough to ponder or write down your 2016 goals. Publicly declaring your resolutions to a friend or partner increases your commitment to them. Your loved one can also be a positive influence to help you stay on track.

See Them

Keep your goals somewhere to serve as a frequent visual reminder. Write them on your bathroom mirror or keep them in a notes app on your phone. Seeing your resolutions often will help keep them a priority.


You may not have time to record every detail of your day each evening, but keeping a goal journal is a proven way to help you achieve more. Spend a few minutes each day, week, or month to journal your progress. You may be doing better than you think!

Use an App

There’s an app for everything. GoalsOnTrack is a free app that allows you to set start and end dates, journal your progress, and visually track your resolutions. There are also more specific apps to help you break bad habits, improve personal finance, or meet your health and fitness goals.

Reward Yourself

What’s more motivating than new workout gear, a manicure, or a trip to your favorite restaurant? Reward yourself when you reach milestones along the way to achieving your 2016 goals. The rewards will serve as reminders and make your self-improvement process more fun.

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