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Posted 1/28/2018

How to Have Fun When You're Stuck Inside This Winter

How to Have Fun When You're Stuck Inside This Winter

Between blizzard warnings and winter storm watches, half the United States is not only covered in snow, but starting to suffer from severe cabin fever. If Old Man Winter’s frigid conditions have caused stir crazy to settle over your house, it’s time to shake off the cold doldrums with a little indoor-approved fun! Check out our ideas for easy ways you and your family can enjoy the wintry months—no arctic gear required!

Anti-boring game night
When it’s too cold for outdoor forays, make it a game night! Pull out your stash of favorite games—or order a new one online to learn together. Easy-to-eat snacks within arm’s reach of players are a must, plus a few drink options. Up the competitive ante by gathering prizes for winning teams or players.

Teach your pet new tricks
Too cold even for Fifi? Get some exercise inside with canine-approved fun and games. Try teaching them a fun new trick or two to show your friends. Or how about going beyond fetch and learning a new game that will keep your fur-baby entertained for hours? You’ll not only help your pet expend some pent-up energy but have fun bonding too.

Have an indoor fiesta
Crank up the heat and the Latin music and host a fun indoor Mexican fiesta! Mix up pitchers of margaritas (or this all ages Mexican punch) and have fun making your very own tamales. Or, leave the Mexican feast to Costa Vida—they’ll deliver a feast of your choice for you and 25 friends, so fill the house and get the party started! Olé!

Get a jump on spring cleaning
Cleaning? Sure! When your favorite music is on full-blast, organizing can actually be fun. Transform your closet from disaster-zone to magazine-worthy, or tackle that odds and ends drawer you’ve been too afraid to open. When spring finally does makes its entrance, you can spend your time enjoying that beautiful weather.

Become mad scientists
The kids (and let’s be honest, you too) will have plenty of fun toying with scientific experiments. Learn how to concoct your own rainbow, discover elephant toothpaste, play with magnetic breakfast cereal, and create clouds that rain colorful raindrops. Most experiments use basic household items, so gather up your supplies, put on an apron, and get a little mad!

How are you enjoying the winter from inside your house?

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