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Posted 1/25/2016

How to Eat Healthy at a Mexican Grill

How to Eat Healthy at a Mexican Grill

Many Costavidans start the New Year with resolutions to eat healthier foods. When it comes to changing your diet, most people struggle with making long-term changes. Busy schedules, stress, hunger, and food boredom make it difficult to live by a specific “diet”. At Costa Vida, we don’t believe a healthy lifestyle includes dieting. Making small adjustments and allowing for occasional treats and indulgences is our favorite way to improve a healthy, active lifestyle.

When choosing to eat whole, healthy foods, flavor is key. Eating lighter meals with bold flavors will prevent your taste buds from noticing reductions in fat and calories. Here are our tips to having a satisfying trip to Mexican restaurants while working toward your health goals this year.

1. Create a custom meal! This is easy to do at Costa Vida because we make each entrée right in front of our guests as they order. You can make healthy ingredient swaps most days and occasionally splurge on crunchy tortilla strips and queso! You are in complete control of your healthy menu options.

2. Use pico de gallo and salsa fresca to add flavor. Instead of salad dressings or smothering sauces, opt for vegetable-based salsas to add healthy flavor. These nutrient rich salsas are also low in sodium.

3. If you LOVE salad dressing, (and believe us, we’re with you!) ask for it on the side.  Dip your fork into the salad dressing to enjoy the flavor without the calories. This tip works for queso too!

4. Choose beans OR rice. Enjoy heart-healthy beans or energy-packed rice on your burrito, salad, or as a side. Either option will satisfy your hunger.

5. Add vegetables to every meal. Our fajita veggies are packed with filling fiber that adds flavor to your meal while helping you stay fuller longer.

Find more nutritionist tips here:

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