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Posted 8/31/2015

How to Beachproof Your Smartphone

How to Beachproof Your Smartphone

We’re days away from announcing our Cruise to the Coast grand prize winner! One lucky Costavidan will win a cruise for two to the Mexican Riviera to visit the beaches where Costa Vida was born. If you haven’t entered yet today, enter here.

We’re eager to see our grand prize winner’s photos of the stunning beaches of the Mexican Riviera. We love how most smartphones have high-quality cameras for convenient photo posting and sharing. Nothing’s better than capturing your family’s sandcastle or a colorful coastal sunset and sharing it with your friends back home. But taking pictures at the beach can make anyone nervous. Exposure to the sand and water could completely destroy your phone! To keep your device and vacation memories safe, we’re sharing a few tips to beach proof your smartphone. Don’t forget to tag your memories #CostaVida!


Investing in a high-quality case from OtterBox or LifeProof can protect your phone from accidental falls into the surf, spills, and wet hands. For budget-friendly waterproofing, simply store your phone in a Ziploc bag while at the beach.


Leaving your phone in the sunlight can cause it to overheat. Store your phone in your beach bag or under a towel to keep it cool.


Store your phone in a JOTO case or Ziploc bag to keep it safe from sand and dirt. Keep a small cuticle pusher or sticky tape nearby to remove any grains that sneak into crevices such as the headphone jack or speakers.


Greasy sunscreen and lotion can also damage your screen. Be careful of transferring lotion and sweat to your device from your hands and face.


Unfortunately, electronic devices are stolen from beach bags far too often while their owners are swimming in the ocean. Make sure you store your phone out of sight in your bag and ask a friend to watch it while you swim. You can also place your bag in a visible spot on the sand where you can keep an eye on it while you’re in the water.

Find more beachproofing tips here:

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