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Posted 1/9/2017

Homemade is Healthier

Homemade is Healthier

At Costa Vida, we make our menu from scratch every day using the highest quality ingredients. No microwaves, no canned beans, just natural flavors. Why take the time to make a homemade menu? Because we believe fresh just tastes better and our guests deserve the best.

Your homemade experience at Costa Vida begins right at our cast iron comal when you order your meal. Your tortilla is grilled right in front of you using dough that was made from scratch that same day. When you try a salad or burrito at a Costa Vida restaurant, you can taste the difference. That’s why we have been named Best of State seven years running. We don’t need to add preservatives, chemicals, or sodium to make our food taste “fresh” longer. Our guests enjoy pure flavors and benefit from food made with nutrient-rich ingredients.

We don’t just purchase the produce and proteins used throughout our menu, we cultivate relationships with our farmers. Our partnerships allow us to get the first pick of the freshest ingredients that become your burritos, tacos, and more. The romaine in every salad is harvested from fields far away from high-traffic roads to keep the lettuce free from contaminants. The avocados in our guacamole are picked from 100-year-old trees in Mexico, increasing the natural, healthy oil content of the fruit.

One of our favorite homemade meals this time of year is Chicken Tortilla Soup. We start with slow-simmered chicken broth and fill it with shredded cheese, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, and creamy guacamole. We serve it with a freshly grilled tortilla on the side. It’s a healthy, wholesome meal perfect for beating the cold this time of year.

Homemade is healthier and it just tastes better. Come taste the difference! 

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