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Posted 11/16/2015

Holiday Entertaining Hacks

Holiday Entertaining Hacks

The Costa Vida team’s favorite part of the holidays – or any time of year for that matter – is the food! We love watching party guests enjoy a meal together. Depending on the size of the guest list, feeding an entire party can be a lot of work. Over the last decade we have catered countless holiday parties and along the way, we have discovered a few hacks to making holiday entertaining a little bit easier. These tips will help simplify your to do list before, during, and after the party, allowing you to enjoy the night with your guests!

Ditch the Dishes

Save yourself post-party cleanup time by serving your guests on recyclable or biodegradable plates, cups, and utensils.

Make It Ahead

While planning your holiday menu, choose appetizers, entrees, and desserts that can be prepared ahead of time. The day before your party, bake your desserts and do as much ingredient prep (chopping, slicing, etc.) as you can. By prepping the day before, you’ll reduce last-minute stress and have more time to enjoy the party.

Host a Potluck

Cut down your to-do list by inviting your guests to bring appetizers, sides, and desserts. This simplifies your cooking and cleaning workload.

Build Your Own

Your guests will love customizing their dinner or dessert with a build your own bar. We love burrito, taco, and salad bars, but virtually any dish can be served this way. For dessert, delight your guests with a sundae, s'mores, or caramel apple bar.

Order Catering

Eliminate cooking from your hosting duties by ordering catering. Depending on your budget, ordering your entire menu or simply the entrée or dessert will save time before and after the party.

Set the Table

Scrambling for serving ware and extra napkins at the last second can cause unnecessary stress. Set the table and serving area the night before your party as a final check to make sure you have everything you need for your guests.

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