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Posted 12/7/2015

Foods to Stay Well this Season

Foods to Stay Well this Season

For most Costavidans, the winter months are the coldest months of the year. Between the cooler temperatures and holiday stress, many people suffer from colds and the flu - even with a precautionary flu shot. Because no one wants to spend a day in bed and miss out on holiday fun, we’re sharing immunity-boosting foods to keep you well this season.

Chicken Soup

This classic winter comfort food contains the amino acid cysteine, which is a natural remedy for cold symptoms. Many chicken soups are naturally flavored with garlic and onions, which contain properties that fight infection.


A convenient and protein-packed snack, almonds do so much more for you than tide you over between meals. With a heavy dose of immune-boosting Vitamin E and riboflavin and niacin, these nuts can help your body recover faster from holiday stress.


In teas with or without caffeine, the antioxidants in this warming beverage fight the free radicals that weaken your immune system. Sipping hot tea in the evening can provide hydration while helping your body better protect itself from disease.


The high zinc content in this protein naturally boosts immunity. This mineral decreases the risk of infection by promoting healthy white blood cells.


The live active cultures in this dairy product fight harmful germs in your body. The natural probiotics found in yogurt are actually healthy bacteria that rid your body of disease-causing bacteria.


One of our favorite spices, cinnamon has natural antiviral and antifungal properties that fight illness-causing pathogens. Add some to your tea or sprinkle a little on your morning yogurt to maximize your immunity boost.

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