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Posted 3/21/2016

Choice is Beautiful

Choice is Beautiful

When you visit Costa Vida, you’ll notice there are no pre-made burritos, tacos or salads sitting under heat lamps waiting to be ordered. We know no two Costavidans are alike or share the exact same tastes. That’s why we custom make each meal right in front of every guest. We think choice is beautiful and celebrate your ability to choose your favorite salsas, dressings and more each time you visit Costa Vida.

It all starts with the tortilla. Your whole wheat, flour, or gluten-friendly corn tortilla is made the day you eat it and never sees the inside of a bag. Our steak and chicken are marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection. Our sweet pork is slow cooked for hours to develop its signature caramelized flavor. Our new fajita veggies sizzle with color and bright flavors. Our sweet shrimp is glazed in a tangy honey sauce. Each of these protein options can be perfectly paired with our homemade black, pinto, and refried beans, cilantro lime rice, and flavorful smothering sauces. Ask our team for flavor recommendations or try them all to find your favorite!

Nearly all of our menu items are served with salsa. You can choose your salsa based on the desired amount of heat. For mild heat, choose our classic pico de gallo. Our salsa fresca carries a little more spice and is a low-calorie salad dressing option. For the most heat, you’ll love the sweet and spicy combination of our honey habanero. If you’re craving a bite of summer, choose mango salsa.

Now that we’ve described the basic building blocks of your custom Costa Vida meal (don’t even get us started on dessert – key lime pie, flan, tres leches cake, and sweet cinnamon tortillas!) it’s time to order. You have even more freedom to choose how you order with our mobile app and online ordering. Sometimes the number of choices makes it hard to decide, but that’s when we recommend trying a Costa Classic. Some of our classic combinations are a sweet pork and black bean burrito smothered in roasted green chili sauce, a grilled chicken mango salad with crunchy tortilla strips, and fajita steak tacos on warm flour tortillas. Try a classic favorite or try something new – the choice is yours!

Comment to share your favorite flavor combinations! 

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