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Posted 1/19/2018

Can You Really Go Out and Still Eat Healthy? Totally.

Can You Really Go Out and Still Eat Healthy? Totally.

Did you kick off 2018 with a goal to craft a whole new healthy you? You’re in good company—getting fit is one of the most perennially popular New Year’s resolutions. Yet come February, 80% of us have already thrown in the towel. Could it be too many lonely weekends at the gym and swearing off restaurants for fear lunch would take three days to burn off? That's so 2017.

Reaching your get-fit goals doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Check out our easy tips so you can meet up with friends for dinner without sabotaging your progress!

Plan before you go
Some restaurants will let you pick from their menu and build a custom, resolution-approved meal. At Costa Vida, you can use their interactive nutrition calculator to craft your own healthy meal (mahi mahi Baja Bowl with extra pico, please!) If your chosen restaurant is sans calculator, have a look at the menu and choose a healthy dish beforehand—and remember to tell your server not to bother with a bread basket.

Check out the calories
Another reason 2018 is your get-fit year? Effective this May, new legislation requires restaurants to display nutrition information on their menus. You’ll be able to make smart choices and enjoy your night out instead of worrying if your salad was a lettuce-disguised calorie bomb.

Make smart swaps
You can save hundreds of calories and boost your nutrition in a single day just by making a few healthy switches. Let’s do some math: instead of a flour tortilla taco with pork, refried beans, and cheese, what would happen if you went with a corn tortilla, grilled chicken, black beans, and salsa fresca? You’d save nearly 200 calories! Want more healthy swaps?

            -Go for sparkling water with lime instead of soda

            -Get a thin crust pizza with light cheese and ham instead of your usual pepperoni

            -Order dressing on the side of your salad

            -Ditch giant coffee shop muffins and make your own healthy breakfast cookies

            -Find the menu’s grilled or sautéed meats and vegetables

            -Have your sandwich open-faced or go with a bun-free turkey burger

Don’t go it alone
Getting fit and getting together with friends aren’t mutually exclusive. Let them know getting healthy is your big goal for 2018, and you’d love their help. It’s a great excuse to explore healthy new restaurants and dishes together, and get an extra helping of moral support!


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