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Posted 8/4/2015

Busting Sunscreen Myths

Busting Sunscreen Myths

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One thing that can really put a damper on your getaway plans is a dreaded sunburn. We’ve all been there! We enjoy the first day in the sun and wake up the next day looking like a lobster. Not only can a sunburn make your vacation a painful, unpleasant experience, it can also cause major skin damage and increase your risk of melanoma and premature aging.

Sunburns can easily be prevented by using sunscreen, but sometimes one application isn’t enough to fully protect your skin. We’ve heard so many questions regarding sunscreen, so we’re clearing the air by busting the five most common sunscreen myths. Read on and go chase the sun Costavidans!

I have a base tan, I don’t need sunscreen – FALSE

Your skin cells produce more melanin when exposed to UV rays. The melanin darkens your skin, creating the tan. A base tan is a result of damage already done to your skin and does not protect it from future sun exposure. Before you invest in a base tan, remember this dermatologist mantra, there’s no such thing as a safe tan. Consider a spray tan or tinted lotion to give you the glow you love to sport at the beach!

I only need to apply sunscreen when the sun is out – FALSE

Sometimes the worst sunburns occur on cloudy days. Clouds may block the sun, but as much as 80% of the UV rays still shine through.

I apply lotion because it protects better than spray – FALSE

Whether you apply lotion, spray, or stick sunscreen, your protection will be the same. This allows you to choose the type sunscreen that works best for you. Dry skin? Choose moisturizing sunscreen lotion with soothing coconut and aloe. Want to get a “tan”? Apply a tinted sunscreen lotion. Taking a quick break from beach volleyball? Reach for the sweat-proof spray.

I only need to reapply when I’m swimming – FALSE

Toweling off, swimming, and sweating may weaken your SPF coverage - even if you’re wearing a sweat or water resistant sunscreen. Reapply at least every 2 hours, more often if you’re swimming or exercising. Don’t forget your lips and ears!

I should toss my sunscreen after one season – TRUE

Hopefully you’ll apply so much sunscreen you won’t have any left at the end of the summer. Because some sunscreens break down faster than others, a good rule of thumb is to keep your sunscreen no longer than one year. Check your sunscreen’s expiration date to be sure you’re getting the maximum protection.

Find more helpful sunscreen hints here:

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