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Posted 3/28/2016

Busting Myths about Fresh Mexican Food

Busting Myths about Fresh Mexican Food

When it comes to myths about fresh Mexican food, we’ve heard it all! All Mexican food is spicy. The only menu options are tacos and burritos. Mexican food is so unhealthy. At Costa Vida, we are inspired by the local flavors of coastal Mexico, but we’ve also incorporated a fresh twist on the traditional cuisine. We source many our high-quality ingredients from Mexico and California to capture the flavor of the coast. Today we’re busting some of the most common myths about fresh Mexican food to prove that anyone can enjoy a trip to Costa Vida without eating dozens of jalapeño peppers.

All Mexican food is spicy - Myth

While many fresh Mexican menu items include peppers, these peppers vary in heat. Bell peppers, an ingredient in fajita veggies, are not spicy. Certain salsas made with jalapeños do not contain the spicy seeds or membranes. When in doubt, ask a team member to sample salsas so you can enjoy as much or as little heat as you want in your meal.

All Mexican food is smothered in cheese - Myth

While we have a hard time turning down a cheese smothered sweet pork burrito, we understand there are days when it feels better to eat a lighter meal. A custom menu is a key component to our fresh Mexican grill. It gives our guests the option to indulge, eat clean, or fit dietary restrictions, such as gluten sensitivity.

Mexican food? You mean tacos and burritos?  - Myth

While tacos and burritos are popular Mexican menu items, there are many more entrée options. Have you ever tried a sweet pork salad or a chicken tortilla soup with fresh guacamole? Some fresh Mexican entrées, like burrito bowls, are not even served with tortillas!

There aren’t many desserts in Mexican Cuisine – True-ish

Traditionally, Mexican cuisine did not include many desserts due to low availability of sugar. Today, all variations of Mexican cuisine serve sweet variations of local flavors. Limes are highlighted in key lime pie, cinnamon and sugar coat hot churros, and a caramel layer coats creamy flan.

Mexican food is cheap and poor quality - Myth

The best flavors start with high-quality ingredients. With fresh Mexican food, you can taste the difference between a pico de gallo made from unripe tomatoes and a pico made from tomatoes harvested at the peak of freshness and grown in fresh air, far away from vehicle exhaust and pollution. Thoughtfully sourced, quality ingredients cannot be found on a dollar menu.

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