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Posted 5/12/2015

Busting Gluten-Free Myths

Busting Gluten-Free Myths

At Costa Vida, we pride ourselves on safely serving gluten-friendly meals to our guests upon request. 95% of our food naturally does not contain gluten, so we have many options for our gluten-sensitive guests to enjoy. Chances are you know someone with an allergy who struggles finding a restaurant where they can eat a meal without getting sick. Eating gluten-free is more popular than ever before, but how much do we really know about this lifestyle change? We’re exploring some of the common misconceptions about celiac disease and gluten-free diets.

1. Eating gluten-free will help me lose weight. – FALSE         

This myth comes from the gluten-free diet recommended by doctors to patients during allergy testing. Naturally, many people experience weight loss on this diet low in carbs and rich in lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. However, with the amount of processed gluten-free substitutes available, there’s confusion that gluten-free means low calorie. A gluten-free muffin does not have much caloric or fat difference from a regular muffin.

2. Everyone can benefit from eating a gluten-free diet. – FALSE

Those suffering from a gluten allergy report feeling more energized after changing their lifestyle. This has led many men and women who can digest gluten to eliminate it from their diets. If you have no medical need to avoid gluten, doing so is not proven to provide any health benefit. High in protein and iron, gluten can be part of a healthy lifestyle for those without an allergy.

3. A gluten-free diet means bland food. – FALSE           

Because of the growing number of celiac and gluten allergy diagnoses, more high quality substitutes for cereals, breads, and pastas have started appearing on grocery store shelves. The options for gluten-free diets are just as flavorful as before with the veggie noodle Spiralizer trend, protein powder baked goods, and restaurants expanding their gluten-free menus.

Bust more myths about gluten here:

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