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Posted 2/1/2016

Best Snacks for the Big Game

Best Snacks for the Big Game

The Big Game is coming up and while we’re betting on finals scores, we’re also dreaming of the perfect food for our viewing parties. This means something meaty, crunchy, and over the top cheesy.  For our 2016 Big Game giveaway, lucky grand prize winners will receive a free cater for 10 from Costa Vida to enjoy while watching the game. Go enter to win the FREE catering for your viewing party here!

At Costa Vida, we know the right food paired with the right occasion can make an event exceptional. Take watching an average movie as an example. Add an ice-cold Coca-Cola and salty, buttery popcorn and that movie has just become your favorite. The same thing happens with grilled hot dogs and roasted peanuts at baseball games and steaming hot chocolate after a day on the slopes. The Big Game is no exception and to kick your viewing party dishes up a notch, we’re sharing the best snacks for football!

Make it Mini
Serve miniature versions of your guests’ favorite dishes for perfectly poppable finger food that is easy to eat. We recommend classics such as mini BBQ pork sliders, steak fajita tacos, and pigs in a blanket.

Chips, Veggies, & Dip
There are countless dip recipes for every taste and nearly all of them can be prepared the day before to reduce your last-minute party hosting stress. Many dips, salsas, and guacamoles are also delicious with veggies for a healthy snack option. Browse our Dip the Chips Pinterest board for inspo!

Potluck Snacks
While this is not a specific snack, a potluck ensures you will be able to provide a wide variety of foods to your guests. Ask your guests to bring their favorite football dish and you’re sure to have a spread of snack mixes, jalapeño poppers, potato skins, and more!

Meaty, crunchy, and over the top cheesy. We layer our homemade tortilla chips with a blend of freshly grated cheese and our signature, gluten-friendly queso. The best part about nachos is they can be enjoyed without utensils. Finger food is a must for football!

Team Colors
Showcasing the colors of the competing teams always adds a fun element to a viewing party. Serving drinks in colored cups or food on colored plates with colored napkins is a great place to start. You can also add team colors to food with M&M’s in snack mixes, frosting on cupcakes and cookies, or colored punch and cocktails.

Comment to tell us your favorite snack for the Big Game? 

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