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Posted 12/26/2016

Best #CostaVida Instagram Posts of 2016

Best #CostaVida Instagram Posts of 2016

The New Year is nearly here! One of the Costa Vida team’s favorite things to do at the end of each year is review the photos our guests have posted during the year. The Instagram #CostaVida feed is a scrapbook made by Costavidans enjoying their favorite foods. We see mouthwatering food photos, heart-warming family and friend photos, and hilarious candid photos of young Costavidans. We love seeing them all!

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite posts from the 2016 #CostaVida feed. From all of us at Costa Vida we wish you a very Happy New Year and hope only good things come to you in 2017!

Love you sis, but I’m not sharing my quesadilla.

big sister smiling for the camera while her baby sister pushes her away from the food
source: @shambrayblog

I’ll share my milk bone with you if you share your burrito with me!

small chihuahua standing on its hind legs trying to reach the burrito far above it.
source: @tiffanimarieolsen

Is THAT what horchata tastes like?!

baby making wide-eyed surprised face holding a Costa Vida cup.
source: @kirstaleecook

I didn’t choose the Costa life, the Costa life chose me.

baby wearing a huge baseball hat with the brim sideways while eating Costa Vida with his hands and looking cool.
source: @cassbenson20

I see you have two tacos. One for me, one for you?​

pit bull or boxer dog sitting and begging for Costa Vida tacos.
source: @kenz63

Fork or no fork, I will eat this sweet pork!

toddler girl shoving her hands and face into a Costa Vida burrito and smiling.
source: @lucyscouthandmade

Hang on! I’m almost ready to order!

toddler boy hanging from the line divider guard rail at Costa Vida and making a funny face.
source: @tianavandyke

Smile naturally and no one will notice your mouth is full.​

Three young girls sitting in a booth at Costa Vida and smiling while one has stuffed a tortilla in her mouth.
source: @heatedwards

After a long shift, I need some nachos.

small furry dog wearing a Costa Vida team member visor and looking tired.
source: @cleothehavanese

Why does she get the burrito? It’s bigger than her!

toddler boy looking angry and crying because he got the salad and his baby sister gets to eat the burrito.
source: @benhamindavidlee

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@thekidmcmanus Is there anything better than @CostaVida sweet pork tacos?
@kristenemw My love for @CostaVida is unreal.
@alphawhskyromeo If I could eat @CostaVida everyday I would. Soooo good.
‏@larissaheartsyu My addiction to @CostaVida right now is a struggle!
@googlegaby @CostaVida You made my lunch!
@kennnnnyy22 Realizing that @CostaVida has an app makes life 10 times better!