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Posted 8/8/2016

Be an Instaworthy #Foodie

Be an Instaworthy #Foodie

Why does seeing a burrito in your Instagram feed make you instantly crave smothered burritos? It’s nearly impossible to read every #CostaVida food post without driving to the nearest Costa Vida. We applaud every Instagrammer who’s able to practice self-control long enough to snap a picture of their ice cream sundae, acai bowl, or cheesy nachos before diving in! There’s an art to taking great Instagram photos. Thankfully phone cameras keep getting better and better making it easier for us to capture delicious foodie adventures. (This year’s winner of the Cruise to the Coast giveaway will want to post photos of tropical Caribbean food during the trip!) To help you rock your Instagram feed, we’re sharing our smartphone photography tips!

Use Your Camera
Snap the photo using your phone’s camera instead of the Instagram app, then wait a little while before you create your post. Take time to enjoy your food and the company you’re with. Later, return to the photos you took, edit your favorite, and create your delicious post!

Keep it Natural
Using the flash can create glares on your food, making it look shiny and fake. Natural light keeps the food looking naturally appetizing.

Change the Angle
Add variety to your Instagram feed by playing with different shot angles. Overhead shots are perfect for showcasing multiple dishes. For colorful food with a lot of different textures, such as tacos with meat, salsa, etc., try a close-up shot to show the details.

Add a Subject
Your meal may be the main subject of your photo, but adding a human subject makes the food photo more personal. It can also create movement in your photo and add variety to your foodie Insta feed.

Have Fun!
Remember – it’s just Instagram! Try not to focus on the number of likes or comments your pictures get. Keep in mind the photos capture memories of trying new foods with good friends.

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