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Posted 9/9/2017

6 Must-Have Foods Your Next Tailgate

6 Must-Have Foods Your Next Tailgate

Fall is finally here, and that means cool air, colorful leaves, and (of course) football! And with the big game comes the tailgate party, autumn’s ultimate al fresco celebration.

There may be team rivalries, but when it comes to the tailgate party, there’s something everyone can agree on—food is the star. We’ve gathered some of our favorite fall tailgating foods that are sure to please every fan!

Chips and Dip
No tailgate party is complete without a chip and dip combo! Skip the boring jarred stuff and treat your party to the fresh flavors of Costa Vida. Order chips and salsa, guac, or queso to-go from Costa Vida, so you’ll have less prep and more time to enjoy the game. 

Bring along a portable grill for delicious brats that will get everyone’s attention. Cook them slowly over a medium/low heat for brats that are caramelized on the outside and juicy on the inside. Don’t forget the toppings—sauerkraut, stone-ground mustard, grilled onions, and spicy pickles are favorites.

Boiled Peanuts
This southern tailgate staple is easy to make—just toss water, salt, and fresh green peanuts in a slow cooker the night before, and you’ll have a crowd-pleasing snack to pass around during the game.

Barbecued wings pair perfectly with classic big game beverages. Marinate them overnight in your favorite sauce then pop them on the grill and you’ll have your own fans. Don’t forget the hot sauce!

Cool weather means it’s time for chili! Keep it classic or try one of the dozens of delicious variations—white chicken, carne asada, or something smokin’ hot. Put it together in your slow cooker so you can cook less and spend more time doing the wave.

Team Themed Dessert
Let dessert help you root for the home team! Peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes, cookies studded with orange and blue M&M’s®, red velvet cupcakes—get creative with your team’s colors and mascot and show whose side you’re on!

Tailgating Tips:

  • Since you’ll be partying in a parking lot, choose portable foods that are easy to prep, serve, and eat.
  • Do any make-ahead prep you can the night before—like marinating meats and chopping veggies—so more of your tailgate time can be spent enjoying friends and family.
  • If you’re bringing cold foods, make sure they’re kept at the proper temperatures (check out our handy blog post on keeping foods safe outdoors).
  • Don’t forget the basics—plates, bowls, napkins, utensils, and a bottle opener. You may even want to bring some wet towelettes for those lip-smacking wings.
  • It’s standard tailgate etiquette to share, so plan on bringing enough food for your party and a little for your neighbors!

What’s your favorite tailgate food? Share in the comments below!

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