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Posted 5/27/2015

5 Tips to Help You Get Beach Ready

5 Tips to Help You Get Beach Ready

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Summer’s right around the corner and that means one thing: swimsuit season is here! After months in our cooler weather clothes enjoying comfort food, the thought of stepping outside in a swimsuit does not exactly fill us with excitement. But we think there should be no reason to fear the sunniest season. We’re sharing our tips to help you feel confident in your swimsuit, allowing you to enjoy every trip to the pool, lake, or beach this summer!

1. Drink Up

Your body operates best when it’s hydrated. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water each day improves the health of your skin, digestion, and is proven to help with weight control. Proper hydration will also help you play longer when you’re at the beach!

Find more benefits of drinking water here:

2.  Use Self Tanner

Bronze, glowing skin can increase your confidence and help you ease into the summer state of mind. We recommend sunless tanners over tanning beds to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Find the perfect product for your skin type here:

3. Get Moving

Every year we look forward to being active on the beach. Surfing, roller blading, SUP, beach volleyball – we love it all! It’s important to condition your body to get in shape for your favorite activities. We found a one-month exercise program with a different, fun routine each day to help you squash workout boredom and get summer ready!

4. Say Yes to Snacks

That’s right! Eating healthy snacks throughout the day will keep your metabolism burning and your energy levels high. We like snacking on almonds, fresh fruit, and of course chips with fresh guacamole and salsa!

5. Dress Your Shape

No matter what size or shape you are, you will enjoy your trips to the beach this summer. Choose swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and flatters your body just as it is. Remember, a confident smile is your most beautiful feature!

Find a swimsuit guide by body type here:

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