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Posted 5/1/2017

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Burritos

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Burritos

Here's something everyone knows. We are crazy about burritos at Costa Vida. We fill a 12-inch tortilla with homemade ingredients, roll it at lightening speed, and douse it in cheese and any of our three smothering sauces. We have a lot of menu items we love, but the ultimate Costa Vida meal we recommend for first-time visitors is our smothered sweet pork burrito.

Our award-winning sweet pork burrito is a guest favorite and has been on our menu since the beginning. As much as we love burritos, we definitely didn’t invent them. Our menu is inspired by the flavors of coastal Mexico and includes foods that have been enjoyed in that region for centuries. When you’re passionate about something, you enjoy learning about it. We are passionate about burritos and we have a feeling you are too. So, burrito fan, here are some pieces of burrito trivia for your entertainment.

1. In Mexico, burritos are usually filled with beans and meat. In the United States, we try to combine anything and everything delicious in a flour tortilla. Sweet pork? Guacamole? Fajita veggies? Yes, please!

2. No one knows when burritos were actually invented. Ancient civilizations in Mexico were wrapping beans and vegetables in tortillas as early as 1500 B.C. Smothered burritos are thought to have been invented in Michigan in the 1960's.

3. No one knows where the name “burrito” came from and many theories exist to explain its origin. One theory suggests the name was inspired by a burrito’s resemblance to the rolled packs carried on the backs of donkeys. Literally translated, burrito means “little donkey” in Spanish.

4. Burritos are so adored, they have their very own day. National Burrito Day is the first Thursday of April. Mark your calendars Costavidans. Next year, National Burrito Day is Thursday, April 5.

5. The world’s largest burrito was made in 2010 and weighed nearly 13,000 pounds! The tortilla alone took over nine hours to roll out and measured 1.5 miles. To put this in perspective, a Ford F-150 weighs about 5,000 pounds and our tortillas are 12 inches wide!

Do you know any random burrito facts? Share them below!

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