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Posted 2/18/2015

5 Oscars Viewing Party Tips

5 Oscars Viewing Party Tips

The biggest event of the movie awards season is Sunday, February 22, when the best performances of 2014 will be recognized at the Academy Awards! Millions will tune in to admire the fashion and celebrate their favorite actors’ victories when they are awarded coveted Oscars. Many will watch the entire broadcast, from red carpet to after parties, from their own Oscar viewing party. Because we believe in taking every opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, we are sharing our Oscar Party tips to bring Hollywood glamour effortlessly into your home.

  1. Roll out the red carpet

    Your guests will love arriving in style to your party on the signature red carpet. No photographs please!

  2. Come in character

    Choose to come as classic Hollywood icons or characters from the list of this year’s nominees. Let your guests choose or assign a character before your party. Give an Oscar to the best dressed!

    DIY Oscar template:

    Purchase mini Oscars:

  3. Cast your vote

    Encourage your guests to vote for their favorite films, stars, special effects, and more with this printable ballot. Give an Oscar to the guest who predicts the most Oscar winners or count the votes and announce your own winners!

  4. Tickets please

    Pinterest is brimming with affordable DIY décor made from event tickets! One of our favorites was this ticket chandelier.

  5. See stars!

    Serve your guests a star-studded spread of fresh finger food. Cut corn or flour tortillas with a star cookie cutter, brush with canola oil, season with salt (or cinnamon sugar for something sweet!) and bake at 350˚ on a sheet pan for 8-12 minutes. Create a salsa and guacamole bar with your baked sweet and savory star chips!

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