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Posted 9/21/2015

5 Awesome Creations from Hispanic Inventors

5 Awesome Creations from Hispanic Inventors

September is Hispanic Heritage Month and at Costa Vida we celebrate all month long! Our original recipes are based on the fresh cuisine of coastal Mexico and much of our non-GMO produce is sourced from regions of Mexico, New Mexico, and California. Our name, menu, and company culture show how proud we are to have Hispanic heritage.

Costavidans have our Hispanic heritage to thank for so much more than craveable chips and queso and soccer. Hispanic roots in North America can be traced back to the Spanish explorers who first discovered the continent over 500 years ago! Did you know all these things had Hispanic heritage?


The ancient civilizations of Central and South America began roasting and grinding cacao beans to make hot chocolate as early as 1900 BC! They also invented the perfect name for our beloved dessert. Just mention “chocolate” and everyone around you gets excited.

Social Media

How many double taps and shares have you done today? You can thank two men from Brazil for that! Eduardo Saverin co-founded Facebook and Mike Krieger co-founded Instagram.


Long before Instagram and selfies, Brazilian painter Hércules Florence invented the photography process in the 1800’s.


Coming from the Spanish word barbacoa, this smoky cooking method began when the Spanish conquistadors brought pigs to the New World. Our sweet pork fans thank you!

Color TV

Mexican inventor Guillermo González Camarena patented the first color TV in 1940 when he was just 23 years old! He paved the way for the color screens on our tablets, TVs, computers, tablets, and more.

Find more things with Hispanic heritage here:

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